Brezplačni vodeni ogledi po slovenski Obali in zaledju - Portorož - Piran
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Free guided tours of Slovenian coast and hinterlands
Don't miss free guided tours of the Slovenian Istria.
1.7. - 30.11.2021 (July, August)
Slovenian Coast & hinterland

Guided tours will take place in July and August.

Date (time and location) will be arranget by prior arrangement with the guide.

Guests can choose from the following guided tours:

1. Fishing town - guided tour of Izola on the topic of fish, fishing and local cuisine- with a real catch of cuttlefish from the pier at the end of the tour.

2. The roots of our grandmothers - guided tour of Hrastovlje with the tour of the church.

3. The most beautiful part of Parenzana - by bike from Koper to Sečovlje salt pans with stops at the most photogenic points.

4. Olive growing in Krkavče - guided tour of Krkavče with a visit to the olive grove, an explanation of olive oil production and tasting of olive oil.

5. Relaxing Strunjan - a walk through the Strunjan Landscape Park, along the Strunjan Salt Pans to the energy points in the Salinera bioenergy resort - with a presentation of some simple relaxation techniques taken from traditional Chinese medicine.

More information and reservations:

Sg. Demian Omar Sem

T: 00386 (0) 51 210 390