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Open Air Gallery: The tales of our heritage
»The tales of our heritage« with the depictions of everyday life as it once was, and the culture and customs of the Istrian region, were created in 2017 by the society Anbot Piran. Master photographer Ubald Trnkoczy captured these moments to preserve the memories and raise awareness of Istria's traditions and heritage.
5.10.2019 - 5.10.2020 ()
Arcades Bernardin

Exhibition opening: Saturday, 5th October, 06.00 PM

"The tales of our heritage" with the depictions of everyday life as it once was, and the culture and customs of the Istrian region, shot by master photographer Ubald Trnkoczy. The scenes in the photos were shot in their original environment, further enriching the spirit of the history of our location. 

The societies which strive to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the past will meet on the coastal promenade between Portorož and Piran, by the arches of Bernardin. It will be an event aimed at socialising and spreading the spirit of preserving a legacy.

The participants: Society Anbot Piran with its exhibition of 'the tales of our heritage'; Gruppo La famea dei salineri/the group »Salt Harvester Family« with its demonstration of how Piran was developed from salt; Gruppo Ai tempi di Tartini/the Group Tartini's Times, and their bow to the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini; and finally the Society Rosa Klementina, which will impart the manners of wealthy tourists from 100 years ago by wearing historical luxurious costumes.

Photo: Ubald Trnkoczy, Society Anbot Piran

Organisers: Society Anbot Piran, Comunità degli Italiani Giuseppe Tartini Pirano / Italian Community  Giuseppe Tartini Pirano, Society Rosa Klementina, Portorož Tourism Board, Hotels Bernardin


 The photos exhibited in the gallery:
1. Slovenian Istria is home to the best virgin olive oil. Women are also welcome to come and pick olives during the harvest.

Hint: Taste the ecological olive oil produced at the Gramona Farm and enjoy the views of the Sečovlje salt pans. Visit the Forte organic Farm in Piran's hinterland or drive in our »old timers« on an unforgettable Vintage culinary experience Lisjak, among olive groves in the Slovenian Istria.

2. Piran's housewives were known to wash clothes on the town squares, by the town wells.

Hint: Visit Piran and join a 90 minute guided tour of the town, where you will discover all the important and hidden spots. Alternatively, take a hike on the historical trail and discover all the town wells with the help of our Nexto app.   

3. Istria's hinterlands are home to sumac – shrubs which change colour in autumn into a lively red. It was once used as fabric dye.  

Hint: Embark on a wine experience with a sunset backdrop in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, or explore the hidden spots in our woods and go truffle hunting. Discover the charm and beauty of Istria, hidden in our delicious wines produced at our largest Istrian wine cellar, Vinakoper. Discover all our stories!

4. Water has always been of vital importance for the people of Piran, especially during a drought. They would often draw water from the town's wells, which became a location for socialising. 

Hint: Today the locals enjoy socialising at various events and at their favourite inns and cafes.

5. "Mora" is a very loud game of fingers and numbers, which is still played in Istria on special occasions.

Hint: You are invited to play our game, The Disappearance of Tartini's Violin, filled with numerous mental and practical challenges. Are you daring enough to join the adventure?
6. Fresh fish was sold on the Fishermen's Square in Piran, by the docks.

Hint: Enjoy a break right by the Piran's harbour (mandrač) in Vila Piranesi, and go on a sea adventure with Vintage Boat Tours. 

7. The wooden boats are still renovated the traditional way, in »škver« at the end of Jernej's channel in Seča.

Hint: Just a few steps from »škver«, you will find the Fonda fish farm. Take a guided tour and see the Fonda fish and mussel farms. As you sail, your guide will tell you all about fish farming and other secrets from the sea, as well as explain what makes Piran's Fonda sea bass so special and delicious.

8. "Šavrinke" were women and girls who supplied the coastal towns with homemade food every day.

Hint: Discover authentic Istrian hinterland, olives, local cuisine and herbs. Taste local delicacies, discover a treasury of herbs, play with the local animals and cook yourself a typical Istrian meal.

9. Strunjan's plantations are home to the indigenous, delicious and medicinal artichoke. It grows in spring.

Hint: Visit us in May and you may take part in the Artichoke Feast in Strunjan. There you can taste various foods with artichokes and join a guided tour through the artichoke garden. While you are there, you should also join a guided tour of the Strunjan Landscape Park and discover everything there is to know about the traditional salt harvesting, the lagoon, and the cliffs by the sea.    
The exhibition is supported by Society Anbot Piran, Municipality of Piran, Portorož Tourism Board, Hotels Bernardin and Okolje Piran.