Vila Tartini: Lisjak, Vintage Gourmet Tour - Portorož - Piran

Vila Tartini: Lisjak, Vintage Gourmet Tour

Vila Tartini

Villa Tartini stands on the coast’s edge of lovely Strunjan and is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It appeals to everyone who appreciates being able to enjoy in stunning views of the natural beauty that surrounds them here and to everyone who values privacy, individuality and exclusivity. The villa’s suites guarantee luxurious comfort, while its location offers a wide range of opportunities for excursions and walks around the surrounding villages. The villa's staff will pamper you like no other.

Lisjak, Vintage Gourmet Tour

The Vintage Gourmet Tour is an educational journey following the trail of old indigenous olive tree sorts, which grow at the most beautiful scenic-view locations around the Slovenian coast and the Istrian countryside. The tour guides are all members of the Lisjak family, who are also oil producers and tell the story of olive oil, either inside of their oil-extraction plant’s high-tech laboratory or in the middle of the olive groves at the edge of the sea-side cliff in the Strunjan Nature Reserve.

The tour begins in Koper (bus stop by the food market). 
We will hop in into old-timer cars and take a ride around the town, and then we will continue to Izola, where we will pick up additional passengers at the Tourist Information Centre there, and then we will ride to the centre of this lovely fishing town (to the Hotel Marina). 
We will then take the road to Belvedere, where we will then have a chance to experience a fantastic view of Izola. 
Next, we will ride to the Tartini Square in Piran. We will take on additional passengers at the bus station in Piran, and then we will all ride via Bernardin (bus stop in front of the Grand Hotel Bernardin) to Portorož. 
We will make a short stop at the Tourist Information Centre in Portorož, where we will pick up the last of our guests from Portorož. 
And from Portorož, we will ride directly to Šmarje and our final stop – oil-extraction plant Lisjak. There, we will learn about the plant and about olive oil, as well as be treated to a presentation of one of the local wine-producers and tasting of 3 wine samples. 
Because by that time it will already be time for lunch, we will have a small snack there, made from local delicacies. And after that, filled full of impressions, we will return home, following the same route.
The ride itself will be an experience on its own, as we will ride with old-timers – Fiat and Zastava. Colourful, loud and coated with olive-wood floor on the inside, these vehicles are unique and they will take us back to the 60s and 70s.
The return is planned for 1:30 pm to Koper, 1:50 pm to Izola, 2:05 pm to Strunjan, 2:20 pm to Piran, 2:30 pm to Bernardin and around 2:45 pm to Portorož.
Departures: Every Saturday at 10 am from Koper, 10:20 am from Izola, 10.35 am from Strunjan, 10:50 am from Piran, 11 am from Bernardin and 11:15 am from Portorož.

Duration of the tour: 3-4 hours

Children up to 5 years: 39 €
Children from 6-14 years: 55 €


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