Vila Tartini: Fonda fish garden - your next unforgettable day - Portorož - Piran

Vila Tartini: Fonda fish garden - your next unforgettable day

Vila Tartini

Villa Tartini stands on the coast’s edge of lovely Strunjan and is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It appeals to everyone who appreciates being able to enjoy in stunning views of the natural beauty that surrounds them here and to everyone who values privacy, individuality and exclusivity. The villa’s suites guarantee luxurious comfort, while its location offers a wide range of opportunities for excursions and walks around the surrounding villages. The villa's staff will pamper you like no other.

Fonda fish garden - your next unforgettable day

All sea and seafood lovers are offered an interesting and unforgettable experience, guided tours of the Fonda fish and shellfish farm. We will find out why Piran sea bass Fonda is so particular and tasty. 

We will sail on the sea to its home. You will get to know the selection of juvenile fish, fish food and feeding fish, the duration of seabass growth, how mussels live and how to recognize a really fresh fish. We will finish the trip tasting some Fonda specialties. 
Duration of the visit: 2-3h

Every Tuesday at 3.00 pm in English.
The tour cost for children up to 15 years is 20 € (including the transfer).


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