Sights and attractions in Izola - Portorož - Piran

Palača Manzioli in Lovisato

The Manzioli Palace, standing on the Manzioli square, is one of the oldest buildings in Izola. It was constructed in 1470 as a typical Venetian-Gothic townhouse. It was named after Tommaso Manzioli, the former mayor of Izola, who contributed to the construction of the old harbour. The Lovisato Palace, the historical building leaning against the Manzioli Palace, is known as the birthplace of the scientist Domenico Lovisato.

Both buildings were restored and modernized in 2003, but the remains of the Roman villa that once stood in their place can still be seen. Today, the renovated palace hosts the seat of the Italian Self-Governing National Community as well as occasional art exhibitions. Wine bar Manzioli operates on the ground floor of the palace.