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Archaeological Park in the Simonov Zaliv Bay

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After the foundation of the Roman colony Aquileia in 181 BC, a great part of Istria fell under the Roman rule. The Romanization processes are especially apparent due to the intensive colonization of the coast and the inland region. The Roman seafront villa with its port in the Simonov zaliv bay is one of such settlements. The archaeological sites were identified within a four-hectare area where the remains of the coastal residential Roman villa (villae maritimae) with an outbuilding and the largest port of that time were discovered. Together they represent one of the largest estates in this part of Istria.

The archaeological site in San Simon was proclaimed a cultural monument of national significance. In the park, visitors can see the restored walls of the residence that archaeologists uncovered in the 20th century. There is a partial reconstruction of a floor mosaic in the northern section of the residential part of the estate, and the remains of a walkway (portico) connecting the villa to the harbour in the southern section. The remains of a waterway, supplying water to the residence, were discovered behind the villa.

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