Cuisine in Portorož - Portorož - Piran
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Café Cacao


Close your eyes and imagine that you are lying relaxed on an enormous white divan. You are embraced by a sandy beach and the warm sun, while you are leisurely slurping an ice coffee in the deep shadows. Oh, but you don’t have to stop there. What about an extra piece of cake or a laaarge fruit cup? You are caressed by light wind and a lover who does not let you go home… All of a sudden you wake up from the dream!  Although this dream doesn’t have to end in the real world. You can enjoy all the mouth-drooling treats you ever thought about in the Cacao Patisserie in Portorož. With its minimalistic interior and cunning fusion of white and brown colors we have created the ideal environment for relaxation, gatherings and little sweet delights. We are a trendy venue, where waiters skillfully spin in the rhythms of muffled music and fill up the room with their big brown aprons. Warm as cocoa. 

Get lost in the sea of authentic tastes which will draw a smile on your face. Cacao cafe offers the best ice cream as noted by TripAdvisor.