Attractions in Piran - Portorož - Piran

Tartini Square

The place where Tartini Square is located today was once a small harbour for fishing boats. However, at the beginning of the 19th century, the area was filled in with sand and the new platform was soon surrounded by all of the most important municipal institutions and turned into an open market. The square was named after a famous local, the violin virtuoso and composer, Giuseppe Tartini (1692 – 1770). Wondering why the square has the shape of an ellipse? Because between 1912 and 1953, there was a tramline connecting the town with the neighbouring Portorož and Lucija, and the square served as a turnaround point for the tram.

The present oval- shaped platform was designed by architect Boris Podrecca.

Stone flag poles

The stone flag poles were made in the 15th century and today mark the entrance to Tartini Square. They were originally located in front of the old town hall. One of them depicts the winged lion of St Mark while the other shows St George, the protector of the city, on his horse.