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Why is it worth visiting Portorož and Piran in the off-season?

You might have already heard that Portorož and Piran are popular summer destinations but there are many reasons why you should discover their beauty in the off-season too. They both retain their charm and vibrance even when the summer sun is replaced with autumn’s warm colours.

In the off-season Portorož and Piran are immersed in peace and tranquility where, at a given moment, it feels like there is only you, fresh air and the enchanting scent of the sea. What do you think? Not bad, ha? 

You can discover rich history through the picturesque narrow streets of Piran or admire architectural gems that guard stories of the past and surrender to the atmosphere of this place that maintains its authenticity throughout the year. Take a walk along the narrow streets, sample culinary delights, or spend your day in warm spa and wellness centres where you'll be perfectly pampered.

Relax in the embrace of the Mediterranean without the summer crowds

Envision Portorož and Piran as two great movies that you can watch over and over again, every season of the year, each time seeing something new and different. 

Visiting these magical places in different seasons offer a completely unique experience everytime. Who knows, maybe you'll discover that narrow lane that you missed the previous summer or you’ll fall in love with the winter magic when both towns are decorated with twinkling lights.

Read why you should enjoy their charm even in the off-season.

Lower accommodation prices and much more

When the warm summer sun waves goodbye and the masses of tourists leave Portorož and Piran, new possibilities arise. Whether you want to indulge in luxury or you prefer something simple, in the off-season you can enjoy a really wide variety of accommodation.

Perfect accessibility without the crowds

In autumn and winter you won’t get stuck in traffic on the coastal roads but will instead enjoy beautiful views of the choppy sea and breathtaking golden sunsets. Relax against the sound of waves, breathe in the therapeutic sea air and experience all the charms of this coastal setting.

Is it worth escaping on a seaside vacation in winter? Of course!

In Portorož and Piran you can enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate even in the winter months. The temperatures on the coast are usually higher than inland, also during the winter. 

Enjoy walks on the beach, fresh air, warm sun rays and pleasant time on our cafe terraces or dare to discover hidden gems.

Sightseeing without the crowds

In the off-season you can experience rich cultural and natural heritage of Portorož and Piran in a more authentic way. Visit wonderful churches, museums, galleries and the Forma Viva exhibition, which is situated among lush nature with a beautiful view of the Portorož bay. 

Experience the luxury of time and focus on the little things without the noisy crowds. Chat with the locals who will be delighted to reveal a secret or two or show you around as if you had your own personal guide. Immerse yourself in the stories hidden in the ancient walls of the narrow streets.

Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a local fisherman who will reveal you a top secret about Piran, or perhaps you'll discover a new cafe and be thrilled over the wide selection it offers.

Swimming in winter? Of course!

Who says that autumn, winter and the sea don’t get along? Everything is possible in Portorož and Piran! Thanks to heated seawater you can swim and have fun in the water even when the sharp bora wind blows outside.

Events in autumn and winter that revive Portorož and Piran

In the off-season our beautiful coastal towns are by far not as calm as they seem at first glance. Although there are none of the typical summer crowds, the towns come alive in their unique way. There are numerous events for visitors of all ages. 

Enjoy the Sparkling Wine Festival, Sparkling Wine Month, Persimmon Festival, St Martin’s Day, traditional New Year’s Eve in Piran, the New Year’s Jump into the Sea and many other events that combine culture, cuisine, tradition and fun - find them here.

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Taste some local culinary treats

Portorož and Piran are known for exquisite cuisine. Enjoy first-class food experiences even in the off-season. Visit restaurants that pride themselves on local specialities or pamper your taste buds with fresh seafood and other tasty delights. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to taste the saltiness of the sea mixed with the flavor of fresh vines? Imagine tasting the fusion of two cultures in one dish. Seize the opportunity and treat yourself to unforgettable culinary masterpieces!

Now you know that Portorož and Piran are worth visiting in autumn and winter too. Instead of the crowds and the scorching sun, you’ll be greeted by many benefits that you simply must take advantage of. 

In the off-season Portorož and Piran warmly invite you for a visit and generously welcome you with their special atmosphere, lower prices, easier access, cultural events, rich wellness and spa offerexquisite cuisine and much more. Surrender to the slower rhythm, relax, explore and discover Slovenian gems in a new way.

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