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Top experiences in autumn and winter for couples

23. 8. 2023

In Portorož and Piran we experience autumn and winter in a different way. The mild climate offers plenty of opportunities for a perfect day full of activities. Would you like to feel the atmosphere of the place in the off-season? Embark on an unique adventure with your loved one and discover the best experiences in autumn and winter.

Romantic views and whispers of the wind revealing the secrets of love!

Close your eyes and imagine how wonderful it feels when you walk hand in hand by the sea and the sun kisses your face. The golds, reds and oranges of autumn and winter are reflected from the waves and create magical views.

The whispers of the wind by the sea reveal secrets of love, intertwined with tender touches and warm embraces. When the wind gently weaves through your hair, caresses your face and secretly whispers that love is in small gestures that you and your loved one exchange every day. During long walks along the picturesque paths of Portorož and Piran you have countless opportunities to connect on a deeper level.

Indulge in romantic wellness experiences

What about pampering in a private sauna where you can really relax? Together with your loved one you can immerse yourself in warm water that embraces you and gives you the feeling of weightlessness. Allow the tension to leave your body and disappear like soap bubbles while the air is permeated with the gentle fragrance of essential oils.

Take time, pamper yourself with a massage and feel how your worries melt away like the snow under warm sun. Romantic wellness experiences are like a magic wand that takes you to a world of inner peace and harmony.

Romantic culinary experiences: taste passion and pamper your taste buds

Get ready for culinary masterpieces on your romantic seaside vacation. Why wouldn’t you surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed? The smell of freshly brewed coffee, homemade pastries and delicious treats will make the morning unforgettable.

In the afternoon you can explore local restaurants where you'll be spoilt with romantic culinary creations. Taste premium, freshly caught seafood or enjoy playful combination of Mediterranean herbs and spices and local ingredients. Experience a delicious journey that will awaken your senses, arouse passion and rekindle romance.

It is said that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. We absolutely agree and therefore invite you to visit more romantic restaurants such as Sophia, Rizibizi, Restaurant Marina Portorož, Restaurant Stara GostilnaLa Bottega Dei Sapori or COB.

Let’s get comfortable

Have you been wondering where you can spend perfect moments together? Look for a cosy apartment or a nice room that will be a haven for your love after a long day. Romantic accommodation is prepared with your comfort, privacy and intimacy in mind, so that you can relax and feel connected. Choose a special place where you'll wake up to gentle morning sun and create unforgettable memories, which will stay with you long after your vacation is over.

Love comes first ... and everything else comes later

Do you agree that it is important to take time just for the two of you? In Portorož and Piran you can strengthen your love with unique experiences. Take a walk along dreamy promenades or enjoy pampering in wellness and spa centres, and relax and recharge. You can top it up with exquisite cuisine and indulge in excellent food.

And don’t forget that love gives meaning to every moment spent together. Catch those moments, enjoy the charm of Portorož and Piran, and write your unique love story.

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