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Top local dishes you simply must try

22. 8. 2023

Gourmets, hedonists and lovers of culinary delights, are you ready for unforgettable gourmet journey? Portorož and Piran, where the sea meets the sky and ancient walls invite you among their embrace, hide authentic culinary treasures.

Experience Portorož and Piran in the most delicious way

Would you like to know how can you indulge in culinary delights? We are not exaggerating if we promise that this will be one of the most unforgettable and tasty journeys of your life!

Experience the real Mediterranean cuisine

During a stroll through Piran’s narrow lanes or along the promenade in Portorož, you are certain to occasionally smell wonderful aromas that will attract your attention. In restaurants in Portorož and Piran the strong influence of Italian cuisine intertwines with authentic local flavours. Homemade pasta, risotto, and seafood enriched with local ingredients shine in a new dimension. Unforgettable dishes combine Mediterranean passion and local authenticity.

Truffles – black gold on your plate

Do you want to experience a real explosion of flavours? Then visit one of the following restaurants and treat yourself to fuži pasta with truffles: Gold Istra and Marina Portorož. This delicious Istrian pasta perfectly matches the flavour of truffles, which have symbolised richness and luxury since ancient times. Their gentle texture and refined flavour will caress your taste buds. We’re sure that even after the first bite, you’ll feel all the passion and love put into the preparation of this exquisite dish.

Flavours of the Adriatic on your plate

When visiting Portorož and Piran you mustn’t miss the seafood. The sea has always offered Istrians plenty of specialties; therefore, it’s not surprising that seafood is an indispensable part of the local culture.

Try the traditional brodet stew made with different fish and other seafood. Then there are the popular marinated anchovies (in šavor), which are a culinary speciality. When the skilled chefs put them in hot oil, their skin becomes golden and crisp, while the flesh stays tender and juicy. In the remaining oil they sauté sliced onions and diced garlic, add laurel and rosemary and finish it with wine vinegar and wine. They pour this elixir over the fried anchovies, chill them and after a few hours they are definitely worth tasting.

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Jota stew: a warm treat on cold days

During winter there is nothing better than delicious homemade jota that warms your taste buds and your heart. Jota is a real culinary story about the simplicity and warmth of the home kitchen. Beans, sauerkraut, potatoes and bacon are combined in a unique dish that is especially nice on colder days.

Who can say no to sweet Istrian fritule and kroštole pastry? Come and try it!

Even after a big meal there is still room for dessert. Fritula are fried, crispy dough-balls sprinkled with powdered sugar. Whether you eat them for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert, they always satisfy your need for something sweet.

Do you know what kroštole are? This is a traditional sweet fried shortcrust pastry of a characteristic shape that has always been served at Carnival but is just as tasty on any other day. The locals say that when you eat kroštole, you always have a big smile on your face.

In Portorož and Piran food is not just fuel for the body but an art and indulgence. If you’re looking for ideas for where to eat your next delicious dinner, look here

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