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What to do in Portorož and Piran in case of bad weather?

Visiting Portorož and Piran can be a real adventure, even if you get surprised by rain. Talking a walk with an umbrella, observing the raindrops falling in the sea or sipping your favorite drink on one of many terraces with a sea view can add some variety.

Put a smile on your face, adjust your plans and experience something new. We’ve prepared a wide variety of ideas and interesting activities for you to try out in Portorož and Piran in case of bad weather.

Activities for families in case of bad weather

Start your day with swimming and water games in one of many swimming pools with heated sea water and a sea view, where children and adults are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. Enjoy an adrenaline rush on water slides and swimming challenges or just enjoy time off in the pleasant sea water. Round off your day with a visit to one of our spa & wellness centres that pride themselves on a wide variety of treatments. Enjoy a relaxing massage, feel the beneficial effects of thalasso therapy or try out saunas with a sea view.

Explore the diverse marine world at Aquarium Piran and the Museum of Shells, where you can find the biggest collection of snails and shells from the marine world and dryland. Children are going to love watching the colourful fish, sea organisms and other inhabitants of the sea, and they will learn a lot about the underwater world.

If you like to get creative, you are kindly invited to Mediadom Piran, where you can create digital masterpieces, test your animation skills or discover the world of virtual reality. Let your imagination go wild and enjoy creative activities with your family.

Get to know the world of dolphins at the Morigenos Dolphin Centre, listen to the sounds of the sea and sea creatures, and test your marine exploring skills. In the middle of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park you can find the Saltpans Museum, where you can find out more about the history of the saltpans and the work and life of salt-workers. Visit the Strunjan Nature Park Visitors Centre and learn the diverse flora and fauna in the protected area. 

Adventures for children

Let your child can become a great knight of Piran or an interactive game Live like a salt harvester in the salt pans where they can become real salt-workers and get to know the salt pans heritage and see how much hard work and ancient knowledge is necessary to bring the salt of the highest quality to the table.

Pampering in wellness centres for every taste

When you get surprised by raindrops, take time for yourself. Visit one of the premium spa & wellness centres, where they will pamper you with a rich choice of relaxing and cosmetic services, or have a swim in pools with heated seawater in one of our water parks.

Portorož and Piran also offer a wide variety of saunas, thalasso therapy, massages and other treatments to boost your immune system and improve your well-being.

Piran’s Fishermen know a secret ...

Fishermen from Piran are known for their knack of accurately predicting the weather. Don’t know when can you expect a summer storm? The locals have a saying: "If it comes from Trieste, it's only two inches away." So if dark clouds are coming in from the direction of Trieste, it is better to find shelter and avoid getting caught in the rain.

From walks along picturesque paths to escape adventures

When we're treated with nice weather, the offer of activities is even more diverse. Walk through the picturesque streets of Piran, get to know the Legends of Piran with the free app Nexto, visit the town walls and surrender to the charms of this small coastal town full of medieval charm. Go for a walk by the sea and explore the numerious walking paths or discover the natural and cultural sights and picturesque views at every step.

If you are more inclined to a bit of adrenaline, don’t miss our top escape room adventure. It combines elements of an escape room with the addition of 3D-enhanced reality, tests your mental skills, resourcefulness and mutual cooperation.

Top it all off with culinary delights

Portorož and Piran deservedly pride themselves on a culinary scene that excites even those with the most demanding taste. Get ready for a mouth-watering experience that will pamper your taste buds with a delicious plates. Visit local restaurants and try ot numerous specialties from seafood to traditional Istrian food and modern cuisine.

A romantic dinner for two, family dinner or relaxed gathering with friends – the varied culinary offer can satisfy your wishes. Do you feel drawn to a charming setting with a sea view near the coast, or do you prefer narrow streets in the old town, where you can listen to the whispers of thousand stories? If you’d like to try out something completely different, don’t miss culinary experiences that will ensure pleasant memories for a long time to come.

A smile and a positive attitude make any experiences beautiful no matter the weather!

The good news is that Portorož and Piran have on average more than 100 sunny days per year, and therefore the sea is often pleasantly warm even in October and November. So you can experience all the charms of the sea and take a swim in the heavenly blue sea even when summer is over.