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Smooth Sailing at the Management Congress

When organising the central managerial event of the year – the 2021 Management Congress, we wondered whether we would be able to proceed as planned, due to the ever tighter Covid-19 prevention measures. We are pleased to have been able to hold all 37 events, both smaller 15-person talks and larger lectures, hosting between 300 and 800 participants. We would undoubtedly not have been able to accomplish this without the flawless cooperation of the Grand Hotel Bernardin staff with the organisers, as we constantly coordinated both outdoor and indoor locations, while the Grand Hotel Bernardin and Hotel Histrion culinary teams provided an excellent food service. We conducted an excellent congress, mainly thanks to the harmonious cooperation of sales and operations, which is undoubtedly a key element for event excellence.

Location: St. Bernardin resort portorož - Sava hotels & resorts

Photo: archive Združenje managManagers' Association of Slovenia