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Free guided tours of Slovenian Istria

Slovenian Istria is more than just the sun, the sea and the beach. It offers an abundance of unforgettable experiences and the possibility of discovering hidden gems at every corner. To make your exploration even more varied and interesting, our experienced guides will give you a free tour!

With the help of the Slovenian Tourist Board, which supports guided tours in Slovenia, visitors will be able to discover the amazing stories of the Slovenian Istria told by locals, taste the best olive oil in the world and discover the rich cultural heritage of the region.

With our experienced guides, visitors will explore the rich treasures Koper, enjoy the wine fairy tale, discover the mystical landscape of Rodik or venture on a bike ride on the famous Parenzana.  

Available are also free guided tours of medieval Piran, exploring thefishing tradition of Izola and Venetian Koper, as well as benefit from special discount prices for sailing and admiring the coastal silhouette from the sea.

Free guided tours of Izola on the topic of fishing and seafood gastronomy, have been available since June, the tour ends with an unforgettable experience of catching cuttlefish from the pier.

History buffs and cultural-historical enthusiasts will enjoy our guided tour of Hrastovlje and its famous church, while also getting to know the life of a Šavrinka.

Green travellers will enjoy exploring Krkavče including a visit to the olive grove or taking a relaxing walk through the Nature Park Strunjan and visiting the energy points in the Bioenergy Resort Salinera.

All nature, hiking and cycling enthusiasts are kindly invited to actively get to know and explore the unspoiled corners in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, in the embrace of waterfalls, rivers, old mills and unforgettable panoramas from the highest vantage points.

Last but not least, we have prepared 5 additional programs, where you will be able to discover the life of salt workers and the tradition of harvesting white gold, how and why the park Forma Viva was created, take a walk through Portorož and turn back time. Or reach a bit further, all the way to do Brkini, where they say they are "jušto na konfini"

Children can transform into knights and discover the hidden corners of Piran or go on a unique adventure with a mermaid in Strunjan. The curious among you can explore the heritage of the Romans and the tradition of fishing in Izola, and for all who want to become captains, we invite you to lead the journey as a captain around Koper.