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Novelties from our Istria that should not be missed this summer!

The sunny skies and soaring temperatures herald the arrival of summer. Looking for ideas for a holiday or just a daytrip? We have selected for you some of our fresh new experiences throughout Slovenian Istria.

Do you find it hard to pick the right accommodation?

Guests to Bernardin can this year enjoy the renovated hotel Histrion with its sea park and wellness areas. Histrion is the largest hotel in Slovenian Istria and is surrounded by the sea. The hotel provides direct access to the Termaris Marine Water Park where adults can relax peacefully in the swimming pool and children can play in the playground, or in a pool with torrents and whirlpools. Wellness Benedicta offers a world of saunas, a salt room and various Istrian themed massage and beauty treatments for you to enjoy. Act-ION hotel Neptun - LifeClass Portorož is the first hotel with a “5 bikes” categorisation on the Slovenian Coast. It boasts the most comprehensive services for amateur, recreational and professional cyclists. It has a modern bicycle shed with video surveillance watching over 40 bikes, a cage for storing more valuable bikes as well as sockets for charging electric bikes. It also provides a place for washing and drying bikes with the possibility of filling the tires with air. You may rent classic or electric bicycles at several locations throughout Portorož and Piran. Corporate guests will enjoy staying in the recently renovated four-star Grand Koper hotel in Koper. The hotel is also suitable for couples, recreational travellers and families. It offers 60 designer rooms of various types. Guests will soon be able to access a small wellness and fitness centre which is set to open in the second half of the year. Among newly reopened accommodations you will also find the luxury holiday hotel Vila Molet House, right by the sea. It is located between Žusterna and Koper and offers direct access to the sea. The accommodation has four luxury units that can be combined into one.

New experiences

More than a hundred different experiences await you in Slovenian Istria. Allow us to emphasise three new exciting additions. If you are a foodie, make sure to visit Izola and experience Roman Flavours under the Stars. This evening experience is especially designed to provide guests with an experience of the ancient Roman cuisine intertwined with history. Visit the idyllic Izola Archaeological Park, where you will “travel back in time” and experience a real ancient Roman dining room (an open triclinium). You will be received by the caretaker of the Roman residence (vilicus) and will hear various stories throughout the evening. Another addition to our experiences is The Forgotten Secret of Izola. Guests can explore the heritage of the Izola town centre in an interactive and fun way. It is modelled after the popular game "Escape house", but it instead takes place outdoors and is digitized. The participants are addressed via the app by a secret character with an interesting connection to the town of Izola. If you are not into games then you may find more enjoyment in our third new experience located between Portorož and Strunjan. This extremely varied tour with a touch of Istrian tradition takes place on foot, on the sea and on a bicycle. It starts with a walking tour of Piran. Afterwards the guests board a wooden boat taking them to Strunjan. Guests return to Portorož on an electric bicycle following the Parenzana trail. On their way back the guests stop at various homesteads, olive groves and beautiful vantage points. They can taste Istrian culinary delicacies. The tour ends in Mediterranean style, with a tasting of local wines and relaxing by the beautiful views of Portorož. Our advice - take your time!

There are also novelties on the beach

A new urban seaside park is set to open in Koper this summer. It will provide a great location for socializing, spending free time and relaxing. It will offer visitors a chance to go for a swim on a small pebble beach. There will also be a place providing food and drinks in the immediate vicinity with beautiful views of the sea. The Central Portorož Beach boasts renovated piers this year. Not to be outdone, the Lucija Beach has also undertaken a remodelling and will provide more beautiful scenery and the opportunity for pleasant socializing and refreshment by the sea.

There is always good food in Istria

The Mama Marička Inn in Parecag is set to receive its first guests in June. The likeable Darko Klemen, MasterChef Slovenia 2016, is spearheading the project. Darko told us that they will offer Istrian dishes, including lesser known ones, which are rarely found on the menus of other restaurants. They will also serve traditional Slovenian dishes from various gastronomic regions of our country. The beginning of June also saw the reopening of the Michelin Plate awarded Rizibizi restaurant in Portorož. It is now located in an even more attractive location, right next to Portorož Beach. This summer, Izola is organizing a Dock of Tastes food festival. Visit the various food stalls by the sea and taste the authentic food this town has to offer. The first event takes place on June 12, and the other three will follow on the first Saturday of September, October and November.  Koper is richer by the addition of the excellent Kogo restaurant. It is located next to the Vinakoper wine cellar and offers Istrian dishes with a modern touch. At the end of June, Koper will also receive a new seafood restaurant Stella Maris. This restaurant will be a 17-meter catamaran moored in the Koper harbour. It will surely make for a special experience. Marezige, located in the countryside of Koper, is known for its wine fountain. Now even visitors with a “sweet tooth” will want to visit Marezige thanks to the recently opened Refoškoladnica confectionery shop. The shop provides refreshing ice cream and desserts with flavours inspired by various top local wines. On June 24, fans of Istrian gastronomy will get their money's worth at the Altroke Istra Gourmet festival. The festival will spice up the last Thursdays of the month at various locations throughout Koper with Istrian dishes and excellent wines, lasting until the end of September. Ankaran’s hotel Residence Ortus also provides excellent gastronomic offers. Lovers of sushi will certainly get their money's worth.