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12 experiences for a perfect retreat in our Istria


1.   A culinary visit to Korte

If you like food, you will love a visit to Hiša Torkla. The proud owner of a Michelin Plate award, this exceptional restaurant is renowned for its meat and truffle dishes. It also offers a wide assortment of wine, ensuring that your visit really leaves a good taste in your mouth. Wine lovers will also enjoy a trip to the nearby vine cellar owned by brothers Korenika

2.    Truffle hunting in Padna

Istria is a great hiding place for many gastronomic delicacies, none more precious than truffles. Meet a truffle hunter and his loyal four-legged assistant, who will open the doors to the mysterious world of truffles. Of course we leave the best to last, a visit to the restaurant Gold Istra in Padna. There you will be treated to the best truffle dishes the region can offer. You are bound to want to repeat your holidays right back here in Portorož and Piran.

3.   Guided vine tastings in Koper and its surroundings

Wine lovers can join guided tasting tours in wine cellars such as Vinakoper, Santomas, and Brič as part of the 10 weeks of adventures in Koper. The event also includes guided tasting tours in the smaller wine cellars in Koper's outskirts such as Rakar in Trebeše, Bordon in Dekani, Vinales in Šmarje, Vina Montis & Eko Laura, including a stop at the wine cellar of Vilij Bržan, the oldest wineyard in Marezige. While you're in Marezige, make sure to also stop by the wine fountain and enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the beautiful bay of Koper.


4.   Digital detox at the Medljan Farm

Spend a hot summer’s day under the trees near Istrian farms and marvel at the beauty of Izola’s greenery surrounding you. Treat yourself to a digital detox at the Medljan Farm and relieve the stress from hustle and bustle of every day. Meet local animals and relax in nature. Izola’s outskirts welcome you.    

5.    An unforgettable day at the Fonda Fish Farm

All sea and seafood lovers are invited to a fun experience for the whole family – an unforgettable day at the Fonda Fish Farm. While sailing to the fish and shellfish farm we will teach you about the sea farming’s most hidden secrets: which young fish are chosen, how fish are fed, how long it takes for sea bass to grow, how to recognise which fish is fresh and what makes Piran's sea bass Fonda so special. The trip will conclude with a tasting of local Fonda seafood. 

6.   A family picnic at the Marisol Farm

You can find everything you need for a family picnic at the Marisol Farm on Baredi, above Izola. Furthermore, the children will be entertained by meeting local animals and even riding mini ponies.


7.   Sport activities on the sea

The sea offers a number of options for sporting activities. Visit the sea sports park Active Koper in Žusterna and experience diving, sailing, boarding and kayaking. To truly experience something special, make sure to hire a water bike or go zorbing.

8.   Actively explore the outskirts of Izola

Come and discover the outskirts of Izola on a bike or on foot. Take a ride on a part of Parenzana or choose something a bit more demanding, such as going on a hike to the hills in the hinterlands and visit our water springs. Have a look at what the locals recommend.

9.   A trip on Ankaran's peninsula

Visit Debeli rtič and take a stroll to the end of the cape where you can observe the picturesque flysch cliff.  On your way back make sure to cool yourself down under the shade provided by the autochthonous deciduous oak woods which once covered the entire peninsula. Climb up to the vantage point of the Debeli rtič Landscape Park and continue your journey towards Ressel grove. Follow the Graničar’s pathway to Kaštelir, the highest point of the Muggia Peninsula.  


10.    Relaxing at the salt pans

At the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park you will find a unique outdoors wellness centre, Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida. Salt mud and brine, the most important ingredients of traditional thalassotherapy, reign there.  The therapy combines the beneficial effects of the sea, the coast and the climate, to strengthen natural immunity and improve your wellbeing.

11.     The calming nature of Debeli Rtič

The area of Debeli rtič offers several hidden locations where, once discovered, visitors can recharge their batteries. Sv. Katarina is home to the shell cemetery. Relax and look out for the birds that nest there.  Near Sv. Nikolaj you can find the Mediterranean salt meadow, a Nature 2000 protected area, the only of its kind in Slovenia. It is home to several plant species, most notably the coastal flax and schenkia spicata. These two plants do not grow anywhere else in Slovenia.  

12.    On the trail of breathtaking views

Summer sunsets are always a sight to behold. That’s why Izola is the perfect place to be. It offers numerous vantage points (»višt« in local dialect) from where you can experience this beautiful phenomenon. One such point is Izolska višta by the downhill road between Belvedere and Izola. There's also a nice spot nearby for a picnic among olives.