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5 reasons for visiting the Sparkling Wine Festival in Portorož

Ready for a memorable evening of glamour? The traditional Sparkling Wine Festival is returning on the 26thDecember with a top selection of sparkling wines from five countries.

1. Top selection of golden bubbles from five countries

Christmas lights won’t be the only ones to sparkle this festive season in Portorož. The 8th Sparkling Wine Festival is set to invite the top leading producers of sparkling wines and champagnes from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and France. On 26th December,the glamorous Crystal hall of the Kempinski Palace Portorož will host the top selection of sparkling wines from 35 cellars. The unique tasting event will give guests the opportunity to choose from more than a hundred samples of white, red and rosé sparkling wines, prepared by the Classic or Charmat Method.  For the ultimate luxury experience, visitors will be able to taste real champagne from the French region of Champagne – perfect for a glamorous New Years’ Eve. The gala program will take place in a magnificent park in front of the hotel, where the Slovenian Wine Knights together with Tea Ivančič, the Slovenian Istria Wine Queen, will announce the best sparkling wine of Portorož 2019

2. Sophisticated cuisine

A glass of fine sparkling wine goes well with a bite of sophisticated dishes. This year's festival will provide fine culinary delights that will be served with a selection of French cheeses. Oysters will be a gourmet attraction. The oysters will be opened with a special knife in front of guests. The ancient Romans enjoyed eating oysters. They paid for them in gold and labelled them an aphrodisiac. Oyster lovers always eat them raw and that is how they will be prersented at the Sparkling Wine Festival. The Istrian culinary classics, such as prosciutto and traditional pasta »fuži« with truffles, will also be served. The most demanding gourmets will have the opportunity to take part in a gourmet gala dinner at the prestigious hotel Restaurant Sophia, with a special ticket »Sparkling Wine Gourmet«. Chef Marjo Povšnar has prepared a four-course menu, with each course accompanied by a glass of selected sparkling wine, the winners of past competitions for the best sparkling wine of Portorož.

3. Glamorous scenery

For one evening, the Sparkling Wine Festival will offer visitors the opportunity to enter the luxurious ambience of the Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož which, with its rich history, is considered as one of the most glamorous hotels in our country. Experience the tradition of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and indulge in royal pleasure. Sip a glass of real French champagne in the glamorous Crystal Hall and stroll around the exclusive corners of the Ladies' and the Gentlemen’s Salon. The hotel was built back in 1910. At that time it was considered to be the most beautiful and largest hotel in the Adriatic, just behind the Excelsior Hotel in Venice. Today the five-star superior hotel embodies a unique combination of traditional and modern concepts, designed by the French designer Jean-Claude Laville.  In front of the hotel there is a beautiful park, a cultural monument, which hosts a magical Christmas Fair throughout December. Since its opening, the hotel has regularly hosted a number of local and foreign celebrities, from Hollywood actors to world-class music performers and athletes. 

4. Chansons of the legendary music diva

The legendary singer Tereza Kesovija, with her chansons and emotional voice, will ensure the atmosphere is unforgettable. She will perform on the stage outdoors, in the park of the Kempinski Palace Portorož, and will present the most characteristic musical moments from her rich musical opus. Her performances evoke emotions and unstoppable energy, which is why Tereza has been on the music scene for sixty years.

5. Sparkling wine and gin

Did you know that sparkling wine can be perfectly combined with gin? Taste a great cocktail made by the popular actor Rado Mulej. He will present his recipe GiniBee during the sparkling Wine Festival, which boasts a special taste since every sixth juniper berry is soaked in honey from our very own Slovenian bees.  A unique poetic note is added to the gin by the linden leaf, rose, ginger, orange, cucumber, lemon and coriander. Rado will combine gin with sparkling wine and create a “chic” classic of cocktails – French 75, which goes great with the glamorous atmosphere.

Tickets for the 8th Sparkling Wine Festival are available

Tickets for the festival are available on the Sparkling Wine Festival website, and at TIC Portorož and TIC Piran. The concert in the park will be free of charge.



Photo 1: Choose your favourite sparkling wine of the festival. (Photo: Jaka Ivančič)

Photo 2: Sophisticated culinary delights combined with a glass of excellent sparkling wine. (Photo: Ivan Pisar Vanč)

Photo 3: The glamorous scenery of the Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož will provide the finishing touch to the sparkling wine tasting experience.  (Photo: Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož)

Photo 4: The legendary singer Tereza Kesovija, with her chansons and emotional voice, will ensure the atmosphere is unforgettable.

Photo 5: Are you wondering what Rado Mulej, a popular actor, combines sparkling wine with?