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An eventful August

This August will be marked by the aromas of fish, sauce, basil, mussels, fritolas and many other delicacies.  With our taste buds taken care of, there will also be plenty on offer to satisfy our artistic side, with many cultural events representing both local and foreign traditions. The varied forthcoming days of August will bring cultural, musical, culinary and other events. 

Cultural and musical events

The adorable singer Anika Horvat will perform at the Adria Ankaran Hotel and Resort on the 9th August.

Summer in Portorož continues in August, offering various quality free events every day of the week. The highlight will be the grand concert of Havana Club & Maurizio Solieri – a Vasco Rossi tribute band on 15th August on Portorož Beach. The events on the beach continues on the 16th and 17th August with Portorož Nights. The band Cubismo will perform on the first day, with singer Jan Plestenjak's concert the following day, culminating in a fireworks display. The international comics and Anime' boardgames fair returns on the 17th and 18th August at Izola’s Lonka, on the Sončno Nabrežje embankment in front of Izola High School. Watch various competitions, join one of the many lectures and workshops, or simply enjoy Japanese music.  It will be busy in Ankaran too, with a performance by Marina and Emilia Martensson at Valdoltra on 18th August. The 18th Tartini festival, an international festival of chamber music dedicated to Tartini, will be held in Piran from 22nd August to 8th September. Tune in to Radio Študent On the 24th August listen to RAP rhythms at the Študent beach in Ankaran. August’s Thursday nights will host a series of acoustic events during the Čubed Under the Pine Trees festival. The Summer with Pearls festival continues on Wednesday nights at the Koper Regional Museum Garden. It is also worth mentioning The Street Revives event, which will be held on 28thAugust, featuring music, dancing and other entertainment along Kidrič street and other venues in Koper. The last two days of August will also be eventful with the traditional End of Summer Party on the Študent beach in Ankaran on 30th August and the mega-concert featuring popular Croatian star Gibonni on the 31st August in Bivje, Dekani. Koper's Taverna will also host the Koper Champions Night event on the same night. If you like salsa dancing, come and visit the Cuban Salsa Festival in Koper on the 23rd and 24th August. The 17th Saltpans Feast will be held in Piran on the 24thAugust, where visitors will learn about the tradition of salt harvesting and many other interesting things.

Theatre for all generations

The stage is set for an eventful August in theatres. The 17th Alpe Adria PUF Festival goes on into August. Children will also be entertained at the Children's Summer Theatre Carousel.  Tuesday nights will continue hosting the Summer Theater Evenings on Martinčev square, while the popular event Homo na plac will be held on Sunday mornings on Prešeren Square. The event demonstrates how Istrian markets operate.

On the 1st August, children will be entertained by the Wake Up Fishy puppet show. The next day will be dedicated to theatre lovers, with a monodrama performance by Michael A. Green, My Life with Alma Karlin. The Magical Blues street performance will be held on the 15th August, with a comedy performance by Rok Vilčnik – rokgre, Gušto goes on a pilgrimage following the next day. The 23rd August will serve up some laughs with the monocomedy performance Profesor Kuzman junior.

Entertainment for the little ones

Fairytale Hours will be held for children on the beach at Valdoltra on 6th August. The Day of Dolphins will be on 10th August in Piran while also in the same location, the Grand Lizard Exhibition – Dragons will be open to the public until September. A workshop aimed at children, Life with Volcanoes, is taking place on the 22nd August at Valdoltra. Children will learn something new as well as make their own creations.

Active August days

Portorož will become a tennis hub from the 9thto 18th August, hosting the 7. ATP Challenger Zavarovalnica Sava Slovenia Open. Ankaran's Študent Beach will host NIA group classes every Monday while on the 18th August, you can join Gong Meditation at sunrise at Valdoltra. You can also visit the water sports and activities park Active Koper in Žusterna, every day of the month.  

Food, the Istrian way

Izola will host Šalšijada on the first Saturday of August. It is an amateur cook competition, where participants will be cooking homemade Istrian šalša/tomato sauce the traditional Istrian way. The competitors will also prepare spaghetti, adorned with their sauce, before being judged. The herb basil, combining perfectly with its complementary ingredient tomatoes, will be the star of its own culinary event Bazilikijada. All Istrian herb lovers are welcome to attend the event in Izola on the last Saturday in August. There will be something for beer lovers too. Koper will host the 7th Festival of Micro Beer Brewers on the 9th August on Tito Square. One of the largest summer feasts – Fishermen's Feast - will be held between the 22ndand 25th August in Izola, covering the town in the aromas of seafood, and its streets and squares in music. There will be many famous musicians performing as well during the revival of old traditions, sporting events and much more. There will be something new awaiting visitors every step of the way: the baptism of rowers, old barge regattas, and the presentation of fishing and its equipment. Entertainment, spiced up with typical Istrian humour, and a full plate of seafood is the recipe attracting tourists to Izola from all parts of the world. On the 31 August, Valdoltra hosts the traditional variety social event, featuring Istrian food of course - Istrian Day.


Photos: CKŠP Izola, FPA, Agency Uran, Raymond Amoah

Prepared by: Nina Jurinčič, Municipality of Ankaran

In collaboration with: Portorož Tourism Board, g. i. z., Izola Tourism Board, g.i.z., and the Tourism Organisation of the Municipality of Koper.