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The most beautiful experiences and enjoyable activities in »The Port of Roses«

The end of the month brings with it a number of events, which are bound to entice you to come and visit the Slovenian coast and enjoy a number of delicious culinary treats by the sea. Discover our list of the most beautiful experiences and enjoyable activities in Portorož & Piran, most of which you probably haven't heard of.

1. Experience the sophisticated shades of Portorož with roses and rosè wines.

Did you know that there are over 2,000 roses growing in Portorož? There are more than 123 species of roses in the flower garden alone, right next to the sea. Some of them were planted between 1887 and 1925. Each May, the flower garden transforms itself into a heaven of roses, each with its own unique brilliance symbolising love and beauty. The most special among them is a rose called Portorož - and The PortoRose2 Rose & Rosé Festival is dedicated to it. The flower garden will become an elegant »lounge« filled with music on the 24th and 25th of May, where you will be able to try all sorts of rosé and sparkling wines. Rosé is a colour made of several shades of white and red, ranging from coppery and light rosy colours to cherry red. Rosé wines are famous for their soft and light taste. They can also be deep and complex, suitable as a refreshing summer aperitif or as a side drink during dinner. Amongst the wines on offer, you will also be able to taste artistically crafted small bites inspired by roses. The »celebrity flower bed«, a smaller variation of Hollywood’s walk of fame, will welcome new plants this year. Tanja Ribič, a popular Slovenian actress, will plant this year's Portorož rose. Colour your life with roses and experience Portorož in unison with enticing colours and tastes.  

2. Romantic visit to Piran inspired by history

The last Saturday of the month, 25thMay, will be a great opportunity to experience Piran as it used to be with the 41st traditional regatta of old boats. Alongside this event will also be a car meet, where old cars will be on show. The gathering of vintage boats and cars will be held in the morning at the main pier, and following the regatta, all participants will meet again to continue to experience the cheerful atmosphere into the evening. By the way, you can also visit the Antiques and Handcrafted Producs Market, which will be held the same day on Tartini Square. The experience of Piran, as it used to be, can be rounded off with a visit to the multimedia museum Mediadom Pyrhani, where you will discover hidden underground corridors in a picturesque and playful way, the story of the pillory, the most distinguished personalities from Piran and other interesting city secrets.You will also be able to take a walk through the centuries during which the salt pans were created as well as the compact little fishing town, surrounded by its mighty walls, that have all been captured through animated film and a 3D presentation.

3. Vintage gourmet adventure in the olive groves.

Are you ready for a gourmet adventure while taking in the most beautiful views of the Slovenian coast and the Istrian countryside? Get ready for a fun trip to trace the old indigenous olive varieties while riding inside the Fiat and Zastava vintage cars. The final destination? Oljarna Lisjak! In the middle of the olive groves, members of the Lisjak family, your olive tourist guides during this vintage culinary experience will be there for you. They will take you through the story of their olive trees that grow along the edge of the Strunjan cliff, and you will be served with local olive oil and wines from local winemakers.

4. Take a stroll in Strunjan and get to know Istrian artichokes

You certainly know artichokes, but did you know that an Istrian artichoke indigenous to the area grows right here in our location? They have been known in Strunjan since times before the Venetian Republic. It is purple-green in colour and grows in sunny spots, which are hardly lacking in this piece of paradise. It is slightly smaller than the usual artichoke, but it is tastier, which makes it extremely prized among gourmands. A visit to The Knez homestead in Strunjan will be an excellent opportunity to discover everything that can be made from this delicious and healing plant. A visit of the Knez homestead in Strunjan will be an excellent opportunity to discover everything that can be made from this delicious and healing plant. You can also walk through the salt pans there or climb to the Strunjan Cross, where you will be enchanted by breathtaking views and a glimpse of Moon Bay.

5. Discover the story of Piran's sea bass.

In a quiet cove, right next to the salt pans and not far from Portorož, lies the home of the Fonda sea bass. In addition to their excellent taste, they are also known for being the first fish in the world to appear on a menu with their name. All sea lovers and sea food lovers can discover many marine secrets and why the Piran Sea bass is so special with its exceptional taste on an unforgettable day at the Fonda fish farm. First, you will board a boat and sail to the interesting home of the sea bass before learning how to feed fish, how long sea bass needs to grow, how mussels live and how to recognize really fresh fish. The visit will conclude with a superb tasting of the delicacies from the Fonda fish farm and with a glass of excellent Malvasia. The excursion is also an excellent opportunity to see our coast from the sea.

6. Culinary pampering by bike

Good food and exercise go hand in hand. That's why it’s a good idea to combine a culinary excursion with a ride on e-bikes. Accompanied by a guide, you will walk through the markets and narrow streets of the Istrian towns and villages along the route of the old Parenzana railway line, between olive trees and vineyards with wonderful panoramic views. You will stop by the stone sculptures of Forma Viva, the Sečovlje salt pans and the Strunjan Landscape Park with a unique sea lagoon. During cycling stops, you will taste Istrian delicacies, from prosciutto and truffles in the selected inns, accompanied by home-made Refosco wine, to delicious seafood dishes with a glass of Malvasia. These comfort treats will be rounded off with a sweet surprise overlooking the sea. Cycling has never been so tasty, but especially not so easy with our electric bikes on hand.

7. An automobile spectacle against the Venetian town scenery

Once you have enjoyed all the natural and cultural beauty surrounding you, come and check out the prestigious metal marvels, which will visit Piran for the second time. These exclusive sports and classic cars will take over Piran's Tartini square and Punta on Sunday 26th May as part of the Cars & Coffee event. These Cars & Coffee meets are known throughout Europe and the world. They are a real spectacle, attracting a number of renowned cars worth more than a few hundred thousand euros, which in turn draw large crowds. Piran provides a perfect backdrop, ensuring a unique experience.