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April highlights: Cuisine, Sport and Culture

In April Slovenian Istria will be the scene of some important events such as the Istrian Marathon, the Orange Wine Festival and the Slovenian Advertising Festival. In addition, several other interesting events will take place in cities and in the countryside.

The beginning of April will be focused on the culinary art, starting next Saturday with the Asparagus days. Thus, you will be able to try various asparagus dishes in different restaurants in Izola, until the end of April. More about the menus and the action at

The first weekend of April will be all about cuisine, too. The Anton's association Vinol is organizing the Wine, Oil and Istrian delicacies tasting, at Sv. Anton, on Saturday, April 6, and the day after, the Festival of Bosnian Cuisine is taking place in Taverna, Koper. In Taverna, you can pamper yourself with pancakes also on Friday, April 19, when the Day of Wine and Chocolate will take place between seven p. m. and nine p. m. Some of the culinary events of the month worth mentioning are the Taste Market, which will be held in Koper between April 26 and 28, Šparinga Feast, held in Gračišče on April 28 and the Olive oil and Chard Feast, held in Padna on April 27 and 28.

Beer lovers will enjoy themselves on Saturday, April 20, in Izola, where Beerfest-Izolano will take place on the Delfin's beach. Orange wine lovers will certainly not miss the Orange Wine Festival in Izola, April 26. About 60 wineries from around the world will present themselves at the festival this year. In addition to tasting orange wines at the Manzioli Palace, on Manzioli Square, you can taste various culinary specialties while enjoying the live music.

Istrian marathon and other sporting events

Luka Koper 6th Istrian marathon, one of the major events that will reconnect the Istrian municipalities will be held in the second weekend in April. The start and the finish of the main discipline, marathon, will be held in Portorož, on Sunday, April 14. The half-marathon participants will run from Koper to Portorož. The course of recreational running will reveal the beauty of the Seča peninsula. The day before, on Saturday, April 13, the youngest ones will run the Kapkov tek/run in Portorož.

There will also be other sport and recreational events in April. You are all invited to a hike along the water sources of the Izola countryside on Saturday, April 6. The start and the finish of the march are at Korte. The forest path, approx. 14 km, will reveal stories, testimonies and tradition related to water resources. The participants will also stop at local wine cellars, where an ecofriendly, healthy snack will be served. The same day the Volleyball Festival will be held in Koper. Between the 18 and the 22 April the sailing regatta 33th Spring Cup will take place in Izola. The Easter weekend (19–21 April) will be also enriched with the 27th Easter Regatta in Portorož. It is one of the most important regattas in Optimist class, in this part of Europe, also known as the most numerous regatta in Slovenia. Do not miss the Easter Handball Tournament6th Koper Cup between April 19 and 21 in Koper. On April 27 and 28, Parenzana marathon and triathlon will be held; the course will take place from Kanegra to Portorož.

What can not be missed?

On April 6, the adventurous musical of Madagascarwill be performed in Avditorij Portorož. The concert The School of Nations, performed by the violinists Črtomir Šiškovič and Nika Toškan, accompanied by the Chamber Music String Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic, will be held in the church of St. George in Piran on the same day. On April 11 and 12, the 28th SOF – Slovenian Advertising Festival will take place at the Kempinski Palace Hotel in Portorož.

The Easter weekend is going to be full of events, too. Between 19 and 22 April, the Kempinski Palace Portorož will host the Easter Market; and you are invited to the 19th exhibition of the Via Crucis in the Piran churches.

The celebration of the Day of the Rebellion against the Invaderwill be held on Friday, April 26, at 7 p. m., at Lonka, Izola. On April 27, you can visit the Fair of Antiques, Home Crafts and Gifts of Nature in Piran. On April 28, in Piran, there is going to be a celebration in honor of their patron saint, St. George.


Foto 1: Asparagus, Luka Kaše 

Foto 2: Orange wine festival, Archives Tourist board Izola

Foto 3: Istrian marathon, Archive of Istrian marathon

Foto 4: Olive oil and Chard Feast, Archives Tourist board Portorož

Written by: Andreja Čmaj Fakin, Tourist organization of the Municipality of Koper

In collaboration with: the Tourist board Portorož, the Tourist board Izola and the Municipality of Ankaran.