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From precious wine to the laughter on stage and onto the Istrian Carnival

A promotional video that also impressed many Slovenes.

It has been over a year that the four Istrian municipalities, and hence the Piran, Koper, Izola and Ankaran tourism boards, have been working together under the common brand Love Istria. This year, the first common promotional video was released to immediate success. It has reached 20,000 organic views and 380 shares in only three days. That number has risen to 28,000 views and more than 500 shares in the first week. The video, which can be viewed on the Love Istria YouTube channel, was produced in steps, from May to October 2018, in cooperation with Kleva Films production team, and hides 20 shorter, 15-second videos (view them here). The recording took this long in order to cover as many varieties of tourism offers as possible. Istria has many beautiful locations, breath-taking views, excellent cuisine and plenty of opportunities for unforgettable experiences throughout the year. The video was recorded at various locations ranging from the Sečovlje Salt-pans to Debeli rtič. It showcases Izola, Piran, Portorož and Koper, as well as the homestead  Ražman in Gračišče, Farm Tourism Medljan in Cetore, Lisjak olive groves above Strunjan, hunting truffles with the Istraterra agency, the Brič estate over the Dragonja valley, Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida and others. Many locals and local tour operators participated in the filming. Their good will and love for Istria are clear for everyone to see.

Events in February

The shortest month of the year will not lag behind in the number of organised events. The last two, of the five, free Saturday concerts will be performed in Koper’s Taverna, in collaboration with Posfest. Easy & Friends will perform on 2. February, with Pop Design following on the 9. February.

The 8. February will be celebrated with a Day of Poetry event at the Prešeren Square in Koper. Visitors will be invited to read Prešeren’s poetry, other Slovene poems or even showcase their own poetic talents.

The fifth International Refuscus Mundi Festival – World of Refošk will take place on the 9. February in Izola’s Manzioli Palace. The Refošk wine makers will present their wines at the festival. The Refošk variety thrives within many wine-growing districts in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. The event will offer a good opportunity to try a wide range of wines of various types, guided tastings and organised thematic workshops. The International expert’s consultation Refošk travels the world will be held on the morning of the festival, in Koper’s Praetorian Palace. The event will highlight opportunities to sell Refošk type wine to other countries.   

The Mediadom Pyrhani will host the evenings of musically coloured documentary screenings on a canvas screen, from the 12. to the 15. February. The Wedding Fair will take place on the 23. February in the Francis of Assisi Hall in Koper.  This will present a perfect opportunity for the future newlyweds to meet local exhibitors and suppliers and get inspired for that special day.  

Izola will host the 6th Grand Prix of Slovenian Istria on 24. February. About 200 cyclists, from more than 20 countries, are expected to take part in the cycling race organized by the Cycling Federation of Slovenia in cooperation with the Istrian municipalities.

The 11th Istrian Carnival is near!

In just over a month from now Istria will be covered in the sweet smell of doughnuts and kroštolas, as it will be time for the carnival masks to chase the winter away. The Istrian Carnival will begin on Friday, 1. March, in Izola. The event will start with the children, masqueraded as their favourite characters, marching from Manzioli's Square to Lonka, where the festivities will continue. Koper will host the 11th Istrian Carnival Parade on the 2. March, with many carnival groups, carnival caravans and ethnographic masks marching. That same day, the Portorož Auditorium will host the traditional carnival for children. The festivities will continue into the evening at the Theater of Tartini where the XVII Great Carnival Dance will take place, on the subject of angels and demons. 3. March will warm up the carnival masks in Portorož, at the Prekomorske Brigade Square, where they will prepare a Jump to the Summer event. The “Pust” Carnival will be traditionally buried on Wednesday, 6. March, at the White Cross.