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November will be marked especially by wine

November in Istrian cities and villages will be marked especially by traditional Saint Martin’s Day celebration, as well as by authentic Istrian flavours of the sea and the countryside. This November’s novelty is the “Wonderland” in Koper, which will take us into the festive December with lights, an ice-skating rink and a varied entertainment programme.

Traditional Saint Martin’s Day celebrations in Istria

The St. Martin’s Feast in Koper will be held in the heated tent on the parking lot by the Bonifika Stadium, where you will be able to party from Thursday, 8 November, until Saturday, 10 November. From Friday (9 November) until Sunday (11 November) the traditional St. Martin’s Feast will be happening in Marezige as well. On Saturday, 10 November, starting at 17.00, the traditional St. Martin’s Eveningis going to be celebrated on the central square in Ankaran, where you will be able to enjoy roasted chestnuts, new wine and music. On the same day, the traditionalSt. Martin’s Day Celebration with an evening party and dancing will be happening in Sečovlje as well.

The flavours of the sea and the countryside

During the autumn holidays, you will have the opportunity to taste domestic shellfish in Izola. October's initiative "Days of local shellfish", held between 22 October and 4 November, will fill your plates with specialties with four types of shellfish: Noah's Ark shell, mussels, Venus clams, and oysters, prepared by 17 caterers from the city of Izola and its countryside.

Lovers of home-made Istrian delicacies will be able to pamper their taste buds in osmice ("installed restaurants" which enable farmers to sell the remainder of the wine from the previous year and home-made food for eight days in the week).  Osmica Krmac in Bertoki is open until 28 October, between 2 and 11 November you can visit Osmica Jakomin in Kubed, and Osmica Štok in Marezige will be open from 9 to 18 November.

Between 16 and 18 November, there will be the traditional Persimmon Feast in Strunjan, where you will be able to taste the typical regional food and the golden fruit of Strunjan - fresh or used as an ingredient in culinary delicacies. The delicious offer will be accompanied by music, entertainment, and cultural programme, as well as by guided visits of the beautiful Strunjan Salt Pans. The event is co-financed by the Riviera4Seasons2 project, partly funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, under the Cooperation Program INTERREG V-A Slovenia-Croatia 2014-2020.

Cultural events

Mediadom Pyrhani will host a series of concerts called Unplugged at Mediadom, inaugurated by the performance of Yan Baray, on 12 November, followed by Jure Lesar on 13 November, and the band Nevermind on 14 November.  The entry will be free, but you will have to book tickets in advance. On 17 November, you will be able to see the dance performance Sleeping Beauty at the Izola Cultural Centre. The show is not intended only for children, but also for older audiences. This year's 36th Piran Days of Architecture, an international architectural conference with one of the longest traditions in the world, will be held from 16 to 19 November. As part of the event, exhibition opening and the prestigious Piranesi award ceremony will be taking place in the Monfort Exhibition Space on 17 November. At the end of the month (29 November) you are invited to a special musical event at the Izola Cultural Centre, entitled “I will wear the red star.”

In anticipation of the Merry December

This year in Istria, we will not have to wait until December for switching on the festive lights. One of the more exceptional city decorations will light up in Koper on 9 November. In addition to festive lights, other lighting installations, part of the project "Wonderland", will shine as well. A concert of Perpetuum jazzile will take place as part of the opening event.

In the neighbouring municipalities, the lights will traditionally start shining on 1 December.  The festive December events in Portorož, titled All the Sweetness of Life, will be inaugurated with the opening of the Christmas and New Year's market. On the same evening, the lights will turn on in Pietro Coppo Park in Izola and in the Ankaran town centre. More about December festive events in the news next month.

Prepared from: Luca Stančič Kodarin, Turistično združenje Izola, g.i.z.

In collabortion with: Turistična organizacija Koper, Turistično združenje Portorož, g.i.z. and Občino Ankaran.


Foto 1 by: Jaka Ivančič

Foto 2 by: Jaka Ivančič

Foto 3 by: Aleš Logar

Foto 4 by: Luka Kaše Riiba