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The Famous Venetian House Painted Red Again?

Discovering the Legends of Piran with the free Nexto mobile app 

The Legends of Piran can now be experienced through a free app, Nexto, which creates a new experience of a guided town tour in a playful way – through tasks, challenges and augmented reality.

Visitors to Piran are now able to discover the Legends of Piran through a free mobile app, Nexto. The app puts them into a role of active explorers of Piran, where they discover the sites, meet historical figures, solve puzzles at various locations and look into the past with the help of augmented reality. There are six challenges or tasks: Hellish Tartini, Malicious Tongues, The Piran Shield, Fire and Water, Gateway through History and The Heart of Piran.

During the educational walk through the town, augmented reality helps the visitors to spot and listen to the famous Devil’s Trill Sonata by the statue of Tartini, discover the story of the stone plate with the inscription “Lasa pur dir” and the Venetian House, and paint the latter in red. The visitors will also discover the story about St George, who saved the town from the storm, as well as when the Lighthouse of Piran was built, who the Dolfin Gate was named after and why the inner port for small boats was buried.

By successful solving of the challenges, the visitors will unlock virtual souvenirs and 3D artefacts, which they will also be able to view at home by the help of augmented reality. When they solve all the challenges, they will be able to collect a small token, waiting for them in the Tourist Info Office in Piran. The app is available in four different languages.

"In Portorož and Piran, we strive to become a recognizable cultural tourism destination. The Nexto platform enables us to offer interesting content in a contemporary and attractive way. We have transformed the stories of Piran into interactive game, which offer the town’s visitors; especially the younger generations; more than regular guided tours. Augmented reality at the Legends of Piran is the first such product in Slovenia,” says Igor Novel M.A., CEO of the Tourist Association Portorož, and adds that augmented reality makes everything possible, even offering the townsfolk and visitors of Piran to paint the Venetian House red again.