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Entente Florale Europe 2017

Evaluating appearances of towns and villages, which this year includes Piran.

This year, Piran is participating in a prestigious competition for the most beautiful European towns and villages Entente Florale Europe 2017. Entente Florale Europe is a Europe-wide horticultural evaluation, whose basic purpose is to enhance the quality of life in local communities regarding the appearance and feel of the place. It is aimed at improving housing culture as well as an aesthetically pleasing and nature friendly appearance of the living environment.

Slovenia joined the movement in 1998, when it has become an international evaluation of one town and one village. Each year, the project board Entente florale Slovenija enters one candidate for each of the categories, one town and one village. The condition to enter the international evaluation is a good mark in the annual national competition “Moja dežela lepa in gostoljubna” (My Country, Beautiful and Hospitable), organized by the Tourist Association of Slovenia. A separate commission then further decides which of the chosen places will enter the European competition. This year, Slovenia has entered Žalec and Piran.

A 9-member international commission is visiting Piran on Sunday, 25th June 2017. It will present its evaluation after the tour of the Portorož-Piran area and its surroundings, which is taking place along a predetermined route. It is of utmost importance that we carefully prepare for the evaluation and show how beautiful our community is and that our plans for the future enable sustainability. The tour will start in the Tartini Square and finish at the square on the Trg Prekomosrskih Brigad street in Portorož. In-between, the tour will take the commission past the Mediadom Pyrhani, the Church of St. George, the town cemetery, the public corporation Okolje Piran, the Strunjan Landscape Park, the Sečovlje Salt-pans Landscape Park, the Rowing Centre, the open wellness Lepa Vida, Forma viva at Seča, the sports hall in Lucija at its park of sports, the Rose Park and the Portorož promenade. These are only the main points, composing the route, the commission will take on foot and by car in exactly six hours, which is the official length of the tour.

For more information about the European association, Entente Florale Europe, visit, and for the Slovene assossiation, Entente florale Slovenija, visit