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Enjoy the countryside

The Piran countryside offers genuine experiences and it gives you a special feeling as if time has stopped. Old stone cottages sit high above the sea on the hilltops of Slovenian Istria. From here, you have a view of the sea and the Alps, olive groves, vineyards on steep hills and valleys strewn with orchards and vegetable gardens.

Take a ride along the Istrian wine route. Discover the heritage of Istrian farmers and indulge in delicious Istrian food. While strolling through the narrow village streets, visit “torkla” – an olive press. In autumn, when the olives are ripe, you can taste freshly pressed olive oil.

You can reach our villages on foot or by bicycle. Marked bicycle paths and hiking trails will take you there past “val” – cultivated valleys.

The village of Padna, with its closely built houses, has fully preserved its characteristic image of a typical Istrian village, and it is listed as a historic heritage site.

The village, set amidst the Šavrinje hills, is an excellent vantage point from which you have a view of the sea as well as the Alps. The whole southern side of the slope is scattered with olive trees. Some of them are over 300 years old..

Villagers like to boast about their olive oil, which is famous for its rich taste. It is available in the spring for tasting during the Festival of Oil and Chard. Chard played a significant role in the village's history, as the money from its sale helped build the church belfry of St. Blaž, the patron saint of the village.

The village of Padna has many admirers among recognised artists. The most notable is certainly the prominent Slovenian painter and graphic artist Božidar Jakac. In Padna, you can see a collection of 15 graphics made by him.

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