Enjoy the countryside - Portorož & Piran

Enjoy the countryside

The Piran countryside offers genuine experiences and it gives you a special feeling as if time has stopped. Old stone cottages sit high above the sea on the hilltops of Slovenian Istria. From here, you have a view of the sea and the Alps, olive groves, vineyards on steep hills and valleys strewn with orchards and vegetable gardens.

Take a ride along the Istrian wine route. Discover the heritage of Istrian farmers and indulge in delicious Istrian food. While strolling through the narrow village streets, visit “torkla” – an olive press. In autumn, when the olives are ripe, you can taste freshly pressed olive oil.

You can reach our villages on foot or by bicycle. Marked bicycle paths and hiking trails will take you there past “val” – cultivated valleys.

A clustered settlement on the hill above Dragonja, it has many features of Istrian architecture. One of them is the Church of Marija Roženvenska. The specialty of Nova Vas village are large stone yards that testify to a lively village life in the past. Growing olives for olive oil and grapes for wine was extensive.

Here, the same as with other locales of Slovenian Istria, garden crops played a significant role in building the church belfry with a statue of St. Josef. Villagers managed to build it with the money they earned from selling garlic.

In the memory of this event, every summer there is a festival of wine and garlic. During the festival, booths that offer cloves of the indigenous red Istrian garlic overflow the village. Nova Vas is one of the few villages in Slovenian Istria with a well-preserved old water spring (reservoir), where in old times men gave their cattle water and women washed laundry.

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