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Wellness in nature

The nearby Sečovlje salt pans are a source of two unique products that are derived from the sea, salt-pan mud and brine, also called "mother water". Experience them in their natural environment when you visit the outdoor spa centre Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the view of the salt pans, embankments and abandoned stone cottages of the salt workers. Scenes unfold as though conjured out of your imagination. The new wellness centre in the midst of a nature park is a special experience for every visitor.

For beauty and wellness

The salt pools have been a source of active substances for centuries. The brine or "mother water" that is left on the bottom after the salt has been manually harvested is enriched with minerals, bromine, iodine and magnesium, substances that boosts the immune system.

By the 13th century, the Benedictine monks from the monastery of St. Lawrence had already started using the brine for healing purposes. With this concentrated sea water, they treated tubercular infection of the lymph nodes, oedema and rheumatism.

Nowadays, salt water is used for beauty treatments because it helps the skin regain a youthful look. It enhances blood circulation and eliminates toxins, which allows the skin to get toned and regain elasticity.

The mud in the salt pans has many active substances. People who suffer from rheumatism have been using it for healing since the 16th century. Parts of the body that suffer from rheumatism are covered with mud, which then dries on the skin and is later washed off with salt water. Mud wraps help to ease problems caused by generative joint diseases (back and joint pains) and muscular diseases.

Nowadays, salt-pan mud is more frequently used for beautifying and cosmetic purposes. It enhances perspiration and elimination of toxins, causes reduction in cellulite and helps to transform the shape of your body. Afterwards, your skin is softer and cleaner because the mud dries up acne.

For an unforgettable outdoor treatment in the Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida, we recommend a peeling with Piran salt. This prepares your body to accept the beneficial effects of the mud and brine from the salt pans. And when you are wrapped in mud, you can enjoy a first-class massage and a soak in the brine.

Near one of the healthiest seas in the world

Which spa or wellness centre will you choose? Do not worry, all are in the vicinity of one of the healthiest seas in the world. We recommend that you take many walks along our coast, experience the beneficial Mediterranean climate and breathe plenty of sea air.

You will completely forget your stress in this green environment and beneficial climate.

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