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Marine Biology Station

Marine Biology Station

The Marine Biology Station is an important scientific institution involved with the research of the sea. It was founded in the year 1969 in the framework of the Biology Institute of the University of Ljubljana. Besides the basic research, the emphasis is mainly on application research and evaluation of the impact on the marine environment. In recent years, a special attention has been focused on ecological studies. As an organic part, the Instrument Centre of Marine Station Piran was founded in 1995. The purpose of the centre is the diffusion of knowledge and research equipment to the users.

The most significant achievement is the construction of the Coastal Oceanographic Station on the Piran Punta. Today, the Marine Biology Station currently ranks as one of the more important marine centres in the Mediterranean. It is listed on the European marine research institutions grid; it exists as an innermost reference for the regional programme of the United Nations on the Mediterranean; and it brings Slovenian cooperation in international oceanographic committees. It managed to establish a vigorous international cooperation in the framework of the action group Alps – Adriatic, as well as in bi-lateral programmes with France, UK, USA and with the neighbouring states of Croatia and Italy. For organised groups, there is the possibility of having an expert guided tour upon preliminary agreement, as well as a dormitory for 25 persons and a lecture room.

This is a real-time video stream from the restricted area Cape Madona Nature Monument of Piran.

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