Natural attractions - Portorož & Piran

Natural attractions

Piran and the surrounding hinterland offer many natural attractions of priceless value. There are two nature parks in the vicinity of Piran.

A world-renowned speciality, traditional salt-making with the help of “petola”

Over seven centuries of hard work of the salt workers in the wetlands of Sečovelje Salina has led to the formation of one of the most recognisable nature parks in Slovenia. Here you will feel the symbiosis of man and nature.

The local salt workers have preserved the unique process of salt-making that originated in the 14th century. “Petola”, i.e. a cultivated microbial mat, prevents salt from mixing with salt-pan mud and thus gives the Piran salt its white colour and special quality.

Due to the salty environment and the co-existence of nature and man over centuries, distinct habitats have developed for many special plant and animal species. Many birds have made their home in the abandoned part of the salt pans called Fontanigge. On the fringe where the salt water gives way to fresh water, you can see the freshwater European pond turtle. The park is especially beautiful in autumn, when the green salty meadows turn purple. In the summer, you can enjoy the unique outdoor wellness and experience the healing benefits of the two substances that come from the salt pans, the salt-pan mud and brine.

We have mild winters. Our climate is sub-Mediterranean and the warmest in Slovenia. The annual average of sunny days is namely 2,346 hours. So even in the winter, you can visit the salt pans.

Magnificent cliffs

Not far away, in Strunjan, nature has created another natural attraction. The entire Strunjan Peninsula, from Simonov Zaliv Bay to the outfall of the Roja creek, including 200 meters of sea, is listed as a nature park.

The view from the highest flysch cliff in all the Adriatic region, at 80 metres high and four kilometres long, will not leave you unaffected. On the natural beach in Moon Bay, beneath the cliffs, far away from the noise and reachable only by foot, you will spend some of the unforgettable moments of your holidays.

Cape Madona and the mysterious underwater world

When you stand at the punta in Piran, by the lighthouse, and look out over the horizon, you probably do not think about what hides beneath the sea level. How could you possibly guess that just there underneath is one of the most vivid and interesting areas of our sea? The Cape Madona Nature Monument is a haven to many plant and animal species. Here, at 38 meters, it is the deepest point in the Gulf of Trieste, and is named after Slovenia's highest mountain, “the underwater Triglav”.

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