Istrian cuisine - Portorož & Piran

Istrian cuisine

»If you really want to understand this land, don't read books about it, have a good meal!« an old farmer’s wife would say.

Our ancestors of course used the ingredients that they found nearby: fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and spices from their own gardens or friends' and relatives' gardens.

It is this tradition that the local master chefs strive to preserve. Their culinary art is a fusion of Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine that strengthens one's health: with one of the best salts, some of the best olive oil, world renown, ecologically farmed sea bass from the Fonda family, excellent vegetables and tasty fruit from the Dragonja river valley.

It's not a coincidence then that connoisseurs from all over the world have been flocking not only to our high-profile restaurants but also to many small, inconspicuous countryside inns…

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