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Jewels of the Archives of Piran

The priceless and diverse material kept at the Archives of Piran reaches back to the year 1173 or 1187 (the transcriptions of the two oldest documents are dated 1036 and 1041). It speaks about the past of Piran and its people, the town’s hinterland, a major part of Istria, and last but not least, the role of Piran in the European world. The Archives of Piran are the custodian of numerous parchment notary documents, ducal letters, testaments, codes (municipal statutes, vicedominus books, notary books, etc.) that represent a rich source for studies made by historians, ethnographers, art historians and linguists, among others. It should be mentioned that the oldest original and entirely preserved municipal statute dates back to the year 1307. In addition, the Archives of Piran keep a variety of material from the Venetian, French, Austrian, Italian and post-war periods. In them we can also find materials from various liquidated companies (the Rudnik Sečovlje mine, the Ladjedelnica Piran shipyard, the Jadranka Piran factory, etc.), numerous schools, the court, some important families (Tartini, Gabrielli, etc.), collections, plans, posters and photos.


Numerous Slovenian and foreign researchers (from Italy, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, etc.) have used the rich Archives of Piran as a source for writing their history books, treatises, papers, degree theses and doctoral dissertations and for preparing interesting exhibitions. The information provided by the old and diverse archival material has also been used for the production of numerous TV and radio documentaries: presenting it to the broader public helps bring the “dead” archival material to life. One of the two stone flag pillars at the entrance to Tartini Square bears an engraved inscription that says: “With our prayers, you remain safe, the land of Piran.” Today, we can enthusiastically say that a part of this land is the Archives of Piran, the pride of our ancestors, our own, and undoubtedly the pride of our sons and daughters because the archives are the identity card and soul of the town.


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