1st of May Square - Portorož & Piran

1st of May Square

History of the 1st of May Square

The 1st of May Square, or the Old Square (Piazza Vecchia) as it was first named, is the centre of the old Punta. The main streets of Piran meet here. Inhabitants and visitors come here for shopping or a glass of native red wine. The square is a favourite meeting place for children. In the summer months, many musical, dance and theatre performances are held in the centre of the square. The Old Square used to be the administrative centre of the town up until the 13th century. There stood the old municipal building, which in its place today is the restaurant Delfin. St. Donat Church, built in the first half of the 14th century (1325), is still preserved. Its interior is used as a sales gallery. In the centre of the square, there is a stone rainwater cistern, which was built after a severe draught in the year 1775. At the back of the cistern, there are the statues of two babies, one holding a fish and the other a pot. Gutters were connected to these statues from the surrounding roofs.

The water running through the stone blocks, gravel and sand was stored clean in the cistern. In the middle of the square there are two smaller wells, which were used for cleaning the big one. Water was pumped out with a hand pump, which is still preserved. The stairs leading onto square are decorated with two allegorical statues of Law and Justice. On the shield of Law is inscribed data about the well: its date, description of purpose and the names of citizens who contributed to its construction. On the shield of Justice are the town coat of arms, the Marcello family coat of arms and the Bemba family coat of arms.

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