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Salt works museum

In the regional reserve Sečovlje Salina Salt Pans nature park, you may visit the Salt Works Museum. One of the oldest Piran sayings goes: "Piran xe fato de sal!" ("Piran has arisen from salt!") 

It is not possible to find out when the salt pans first began in Piran, but it may be said that the people of Piran were diligent and hard-working salt workers who established the reputation of Piran as a town of salt for the all the world to know. Beside fishing and crafts, the traditional salt pans were the one industry that enabled the town to flourish.

As the salt was gathered in the remote and far away pans, the townspeople had to seasonally migrate to salt workers houses in the immediate vicinity of the salt pans.

Thus, they had two places of residence: the town in winter, and in summer they sailed in their little boats to the salt pans, where they stayed working until autumn. 

They organised their lives in the salt pans living in the stone houses there, where they had all the necessities for living and working on the pans. They stored the gathered salt in the dark cellars and indulged only in a short rest during the night. The housewives baked their bread in a special furnace at the back of the house.

The Salt Works Museum exhibits a tiny portion of the salt workers' way of life, where you can scrutinize a restored salt worker’s house and the old way of salt gathering.

Free for visitors - the Museum of Salt-making by bike 

Upon entering the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park in the area Fontanigge are available 25 bikes for free hire. It takes 10 minutes by bike to the Museum.

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