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Maritime Museum

The first maritime collections in Piran were exhibited in the Town Museum, founded in the year 1954, which was renamed the “Sergej Mašera” Maritime Museum in 1967. Its seat is in the imposing classical Gabrielli palace by the harbour at Cankarjevo nabrežje no. 3. Immediately after it was founded, research into the Slovenian naval history and the maritime past of the coastal region began.




The museum collects, studies and presents the maritime past of the coastal region and the economic branches connected with the sea. In the museum, you may peruse the archaeological collection of sea voyages and trade from prehistoric times up to the Middle Ages, as well as the collection of the remains of settlements from the land and reclaimed areas.

The ethnological salt pans collection exhibits the way of salt gathering, as seen on the old photographs, maquettes, tools and items from everyday life of the salt workers. The ethnological fishing collection is enriched by a number of model ships, tools and machinery for individual and industrial fishing, as well as by exhibits of various methods of fish processing. In the core historical, ethnological and art-historical collections of maritime exhibits ranging from the Middle Ages until the end of World War II, you can see the exhibition of famous Gruber models of ships, as well as models of various other types of ships – from galleons to big sailing boats – navigational instruments, sailor’s uniforms, paintings by marine painters, various ship equipment, photographs taken aboard the ships, etc.

The Maritime Museum also manages three other collections outside its seat: in the Villa St. Mark in Portorož, at Tona's House in St. Peter and at the Sečovlje Salinas salt pans.

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