Why Portorož? - Portorož & Piran

Why Portorož?

Charming, influenced by the Northern Mediterranean, loving, combining inspiring modernity and fascinating history, functional and professional. Portorož combines all this and much more.

100-year-long tradition in tourism

Portorož is a seaside town in the heart of Europe. With its more than 100 years' tradition in tourism, it is nowadays becoming a very popular and recognized MICE destination. 

An atmosphere that stimulates work energy

It offers a range of different hotel accommodations, modern conference facilities, numerous event venues, delicious cusine, relaxation facilities, cultural events and entertainment options. Besides all this, Portorož is characterized by the short distances between all the venues, which allows visitors to reach all the activities, business, social and cultural sites on foot.

Feel like you're at home, among friends

And there are the people. Their kindness, professionalism and devotion to their work and to making your events run smoothly and exceed your expectations, as well as their business relationships based on trust and guaranteed quality, will make you feel like at you're home among friends.

Piran – the lovely Mediterranean town

And there is also Piran. The lovely Mediterranean town with a rich cultural heritage that lies at the tip of the Piran peninsula, near Portorož. Its salt pans, excellent climate, maritime trade and commerce with the hinterlands made Piran powerful and wealthy. The old town center, which is still perfectly preserved, is characterized by the stony narrow streets, compact houses, historical and religious buildings, beautiful Venetian palaces, lively squares, numerous museums and galleries, ancient town walls, its recently reopened aquarium and delicious restaurants. Furthermore, Piran is indeed a place of culture, as there are various musical, cultural and theatre performances scheduled all year round. Events such as Piran Musical Evenings, the international artists' Ex-tempore,the Tartini festival and the exhibition of Christmas cribs in Piran churches give the town a special charm. Those curious and desirous to learn something new could visit different museums and galleries or just wander around the lovely shops, fruit and vegetable market or the Antiquities Fair in the renovated Tartini Square, which is named after the renowned violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, who was born in Piran.

An all-year-round destination!

For all of the mentioned reasons, deciding to have your next meeting in Portorož should be easy. And when exactly it takes place won't even be an issue as Portorož is an all-year-round destination!

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