In love - Portorož & Piran

In love

Portorož & Piran are just the right places for those who are in love.

Hand in hand, you can wander the narrow streets of Piran. Enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace of one of the picturesque orange roofs. From here you can enjoy the beautiful view that with a single glance encompasses both the Italian coast and Croatia.

Treat yourself to dinner by the sea and observe how the sun bathes in the sea. Take a swim in the remote corners of natural beaches. Pamper yourself in top wellness centres. Enjoy moments of closeness in a hotel suite with a beautiful sea view.

You can say “I do” in the most wonderful places. Piran and Portorož and its surroundings offer unforgettable and popular venues for marriage ceremonies. You can exchange wedding rings on the beach or you can plan a wedding at one of our hotels, where we will take care of your reception and the wedding night.

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