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Delicious and healthy Istrian cuisine

If you would really like to get to know our places, traditions and way of life, we recommend you to start with our food – Istrian cuisine. Our grandmothers used ingredients that were at hand: fresh fish from the sea, locally grown vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices. Our chefs in Piran and the Istrian countryside are known for their creativity and love of good food.

Istrian cuisine is a part of the Mediterranean cuisine and it is known to be very healthy. With its diversity, it charms those who are fond of fish, meat and vegetable dishes. The Mediterranean climate and diligent farmers have taken care of providing excellent homemade olive oil and exquisite wine.

The unspoiled Istrian nature is a great place for highly valued and tasty truffles, from which skilled cooks prepare exquisite dishes. If you have a sweet tooth, you might be interested in the typical Istrian desserts, or any other dessert, prepared by our chefs.

For those who are fond of exotic food, the restaurants in Portorož are just the place for your taste buds.

Come and explore the tastes of Istrian cuisine.

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