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Hiking, Piran footpaths

The exceedingly variegated and picturesque Piran region can be experienced and enjoyed in a number of ways, and the hiking paths selected for you will acquaint you especially with the area’s uniqueness. These paths all lie in direct proximity of your accommodations and you won’t need a car, bus or taxi to find them nor a guide to lead you. Safe, non-strenuous and panoramic, these footpaths will lead you through Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča, Strunjan and their surroundings. It is unbelievable how this region becomes even more attractive when seen from another perspective, along paths that are not the regular everyday paths used to get to the beach, to work or to run errands. Despite their proximity to the urban centres of the Piran region, these attractive footpaths will delight you in many places with the extraordinary beauty of Istrian nature, cultural landscapes, tranquillity and a number of other features.

Nor will those who have a bit of the Robinson spirit in them remain unfulfilled. This is an area where your gaze can sweep from Croatian Istria towards the northern Italian coast, to the Slovenian Alps and, dropping to the edge, an area that will leave you amazed. The number of possible combinations of the 10 footpaths throughout the Municipality of Piran is so numerous that you can select new hiking adventures many times over. A walk along the Piran footpaths is something beautiful, refreshing and relaxing. It is like healing medicine and an experience that is sure to brighten your day. It can be used without a prescription and in unlimited quantities.

You can also order detailed maps of the Piran walking paths in the Tourist Information offices in Portorož and Piran.
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