Cycling, Parenzana - Portorož & Piran

Cycling, Parenzana

The health and friendship route is the right one for all those who want to take a step into the history of old cities and get acquainted with the natural resources of the Istrian Coast and see the beauty of the landscape, covered with hills. The route goes along the old narrow gauge Parenzana railway, which used to connect Trieste and Poreč and has become a symbol of friendship between the Slovenian, Italian and Croatian municipalities.

The Parenzana route takes you through old cities and villages, along the sea, among vineyards and olive plantations, through short tunnels and across valleys and hills. Many visitors and tourists take this route, either as a sports and recreation activity or just for relaxation. It is suitable for everyone and there are also many resting points along the way where you will be able to take a break, get interesting information and learn about the history of the railway.


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