Sports and recreation - Portorož & Piran

Sports and recreation

The sea is our biggest playground.

Sports in the countryside

You can spend your time actively and explore places and their characteristics. You can explore the Piran countryside, the vineyards and olive groves on the Istrian hills by foot, by bicycle or on horseback. You can cycle or roller-skate along “The Route of Health and Friendship”, which used to be the Parenzana (Trieste-Poreč railway) rail line, i.e. the narrow gauge railway line.

Sea adventures

If you are thrilled about sea adventures, then this is your world, as the sea offers various experiences. 

While you enjoy sailing, you will lose track of time. The wind is also suitable for surfing. You can row to a fish farm and a farm for sea shells near Sečovlje Salina or you can go there on a SUP (i.e. stand up paddle).

While diving, you will get to know the underwater life and hidden shipwrecks.

Adrenalin is in the air

From the Portorož airport, you can take off for a unique panoramic flight for an aerial view of Piran and Portorož. If you are brave and want to feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins, then skydiving is the right challenge for you.

Treat yourself with an active retreat in a relaxed and unspoiled natural environment.

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